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  Free Piano Books (.pdfs)

History of Pianoforte 1899
Pianoforte & its Music 1911

Guide for Pianoforte Students 1885
Rudiments of Pianoforte 1853
Piano & Song 1875
Pianoforte Primer 1823
Primer of Pianoforte 1877
Piano Playing Suggestions 1907
How to Practice Piano 1901
Pianoforte Practice 1886
Mechanics of Piano Technique 1909
Concious Control in Piano 1921
Brain to Keyboard 1917
Hand of the Pianist 1903
The Act of Touch 1908
Artistic Piano Playing 1903
Expression in Piano Playing 1885
Leschetizky Piano Method 1902
Weight & Relaxation Method 1922
Pedalling in Pianoforte 1922
Pedals of the Pianoforte 1893
Piano Mastery 1915
History of Piano Playing 1893
Beethoven's Piano Playing 1901
Great Pianists on Playing 1917

Pianoforte Teaching 1907
Piano Teaching 1910
Teacher's Pianoforte Manual 1888

Pianos & Their Makers 1913
Complete Info About Pianos 1897
History of US Pianoforte 1890
Pianoforte Acoustic Properties 1904
Repair of Piano & Player 1909
Piano Construction, Tuning... 1887

Russian Piano Music v1 1915
Well-Known Piano Solos 1915
Pianoforte Compositions 1913

  Free Piano Music Books

Well-Tempered Klavier JS Bach
2 & 3 Part Inventions JS Bach
Piano Compositions JS Bach
20 Piano Compositions FJ Haydn
20 Piano Compositions Mozart
12 Pieces for Piano Mozart
Piano Compositions Beethoven
Concerto # 2 Op. 25 Beethoven
Songs Without Words Mendelssohn
Complete Works for Piano Chopin
10 Hungarian Rhapsodies Liszt
20 Piano Compositions Liszt
50 Piano Compositions Schumann
45 Pieces for Pianoforte Grieg
Pour Le Piano Debussy

  Free Musical Instrument Books

Saxophone Playing 1917
US Army Trumpet & Drum 1900
Musical Instruments 1908
The Orchestal Instruments 1909
Orchestral Instruments 1902
Orchestra Evolution 1908
Making of Sound 1911
Old English Instruments 1911
Ancient Musical Instruments 1897

  Free Violin Books

History of the Violin 1905
Story of the Violin Stoeving 1906
Story of the Violin Chapin 1906
The Violin 1878
History of the Violin 1864
The Violin & Its Music 1881

Famous Violinists 1903

Art of Violin Playing 1899
The Violinist's Manual 1896
Studies for the Violin 1915
Violin Playing 1908
Violin Mastery 1919
Paganini: Life & Work 1907
Mastery of the Bow 1920
Bow History, Mfg & Use 1896

Violin Teaching 1919

Adjusting & Reparing Violins 1908
How to Make Violins Hasluck 1907
On Violin Construction 1902
The Violin: Its Construction 1895
Principles of Violin Construction 1871
Italian Violin Varnishes 1904
Chats on Violins 1905
Violin Makers & Imitators 1875
Great Violin Makers 1917
On the Stradivarius 1895
Catalog of Rare Violins 1922

  Free Music Composition Books

Large Musical Composition 1915
Musical Composition 1911
Musical Composition 1860
Musical Composition 1849
Musical Composition 1845
Musical Form 1883
Musical Form 1875
Composition & Thorough-base 1845
Beethoven's Composition Studies

Exercises in Melody Writing 1900

Easy Method of Modulation 1884
How to Modulate 1890

How to Harmonize Melodies 1906
Harmony for Beginners 1916
Harmonic Primer 1903
1st Year Harmony 1908
Elements of Harmony 1879
Harmony Simplified 1909
Harmonic Part Writing 1911
Harmony: Course of Study 1922
Harmony & Metre 1888
Aural Harmony 1918
Tone Relations 1917
Practical Harmony 1894
A System of Harmony 1913
Applied Harmony 1921
Manual of Harmony 1912
Cumulative Harmony 1916
Treatise on Harmony 1919
Harmonic Analysis 1910

Elementary Counterpoint 1910
Counterpoint Simplified 1907
Manual of Counterpoint 1884
Tonal Counterpoint 258
Counterpoint & Fugue 1854
Counterpoint, Canon & Fugue 1880
Art of Counterpoint 1907
...Quadruple Counterpoint 1897

  Free Orchestration Books

How to Write for Orchestra 1896
Modern Orchestration Berlioz 1856
Man. of Prac. Instrumentation 1906
Orchestration & Instrument. 1905
The Orchestra 1899
Instrumentation 1899
Wind Band Transcription 1921

  Free Music Conducting Books

On Conducting R Wagner 1887
Essentials in Conducting 1919
Choir & Chorus Conducting 1901
Performance of Beethoven Sym. 1907

  Free Music Teaching Books

The Teaching of Music 1916

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  Band & Orchestra Instruments + Pop Music Instruments

Established in 1978, Woodwind & Brasswind is the world's largest provider of band & orchestra instruments (cornets, trombones, tubas, clairinets, saxophones, flutes, oboes, french horns, bassoons, violins, violas, cellos, bass viols, tympani, and other woodwind, string and precussion instruments). Of course, they sell a wide range of guitars (Gibson, Fender, Ibanez...), keyboards (Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Casio...), amplifiers, and other pop music gear, too. They have a "45-day Best Price + Satisfaction Guarantee." As of this writing, they provide free shipping in the USA on orders over $99. They ship anywhere in the world, but restrictions do apply on some items.

  Pop Instruments: Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, accessories...

Musician's Friend is the world's largest online music equipment shop, with articles and product reviews as well. Musician's Friend sells acoustic and electric guitars from Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Squier, BC Rich, Jackson, and others. A search for "combo amps" produces 162 results, including Fender amps, Marshall, Vox, Ibanez, Roland, and many others. They have Roland keyboards, plus Kurzweil, Korg, Yamaha, Alesis, and others. What Musician's Friend does NOT carry are orchestral instruments, such as brasses, woodwinds, and strings (see Woodwind and Brasswind, above, for these items).

Founded in Berlin, Wisconsin in 1946, Cascio Interstate Music sells over 40,000 musical instruments and accessories online, including the world's most extensive, up-to-date annual drum equipment catalog. As of this writing, they provide free shipping on all orders over $99. They will ship to APO/FPO addresses, but do not ship to PO Boxes. They have a 45 day money back return policy, less shipping costs (see website for details).

  Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music: The Sheet Music Consortium, hosted by the UCLA Digital Library, provides free online and downloadable scans of old sheet music. For example, a search for "Stephen Foster" produces 129 results. browse

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